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Your days have become a race of appointments, emails, office politics, commutes, errands, emails, and meetings that could've been emails...

You want to be the best you can be for yourself and your family, but by the end of the day, you barely have the energy to get a healthy dinner on the table, let alone have time to ACTUALLY recharge...

Even if you can teeechnically work remotely, you still feel tied to a work schedule, message notifications, and emails. You dream of TRUE schedule flexibility as your own boss...

You can't remember the last time you woke up EXCITED for a workday instead of wanting to hit snooze 10 times. You see so many people who are finding their THING and want to find yours, too!

The truth is, what looks good on paper no longer FEELS as good in life. You're ready for a change.

Does any of this sound like you?

i get it. i used to feel the same way.

I teach women how to write for businesses online, so they can work from ANYWHERE on the hours THEY choose—typically making MORE than their 9 to 5 as their own boss.

If you feel like something is missing, it's not your fault. You were sold the dream that the key to a happy life was a good salary and a good boss... You just weren't told that you could be your own. (In charge of your own schedule, location, projects, rates, and raises!)

I've been on both sides of the industry: inside corporate America hiring writers (so knowing what businesses are looking for) and on the outside building a multiple 6-figure writing business myself (so knowing what actually works to get hired and make a living).

I teach 1) how to write, 2) get clients, 3) build a 6-figure business writing for brands online. No matter your experience, you can use it to become a writer in that industry or another you love! 

The good news: you're in the right place.

Have another income stream.
A few hundred or thousand dollars a month could mean lifelong memories on a family trip, paying off debt, monthly spa day, or home refresh...

Choose your work hours + schedule.
Work mornings so you can have afternoons off with your kiddos, meet a friend for lunch midday, or take Fridays off without having to ask permission.

Have freedom to work from anywhere.
Work at home in yoga pants or poolside in Mexico from your laptop! Heck, you can even take the family on vacation for 2 weeks without missing a beat.

Find fulfillment building something of your own.
Remember what it's like to wake up excited and reignite your passion. See paychecks roll in that you earn yourself and work on projects that light you up. 

Choose the kind of work you love. Pass on the rest.
Get paid to write about things that you love. No matter your background, you can use it as an advantage to write for businesses in that field or any others you're passionate about.

Replace your income as your own boss.
Even $50/hour as a STARTING rate quickly adds up to $100,000/year.. and that's BEFORE you raise your rates! We have graduates earning $75, $100, and even $150/hour, which is a 6-figure year PART-time.

How would it feel to...

I did it, my students are doing it, and you can too!

All of this is 100% possible for you.

Another student was able to put in notice to quit her 9 to 5

This student booked a $3,000 project from a course template

And this woman found a career and passion she loves

This student earned $560 from
her first paying client

But I didn't want to risk hundreds of thousands of dollars, or be on call as a landlord. I knew the market could change any time, and I didn't want to be stuck with a mortgage payment if I couldn't book or sell my place.

But I didn't like being tied into back-to-back calls. I loved days when I could choose my schedule and be creative. I also couldn't afford to spend YEARS building an online following or relying on social media for clients.

But I didn't feel I was the girl who could confidently sell products in DMs, and I knew I'd run out of buyers after a few friends and family. I didn't want to pay for a ton of products when only 1% of network marketers make a profit.

But if I was going to be working, I wanted to earn as much as possible for my time. I knew the starting rate for many VAs is around $20/hour, whereas with writing I could start between $50 to $100—nearly $1,000/day!

Before I learned content writing, I Googled a bunch of other side hustles...

No matter your experience, you can translate it to become an in-demand writer for that industry (or another you love). I’ve trained nurses to become healthcare writers with schedule freedom, teachers to become education writers with location freedom, and mamas who want to earn from home.

Blog posts, social media, email newsletters... Businesses have unlimited content to create these days, and there are MILLIONS of businesses out there. That means an unlimited supply of businesses paying $50 to $100 per hour.

We’re not talking learning how to sing opera here! Writing is a skill that ANYONE can learn with the right mentorship. After years of training writers in my business, program, and corporate career, I know for sure that even brand-new writers can learn to write and earn an income from it.

... Or an online following! I scaled my copywriting business to 6-figures without a single client from Instagram. Even if you’re not looking to build an entire business—just a side hustle to have more to play with financially—you can book clients directly and behind the scenes, without worrying about employers seeing your posts on IG or LinkedIn.

Whereas other income streams can take years to see a profit (or you may even have to buy an entire rental home!) with content writing, you can connect with a business, start writing, and start earning. You don’t need a fancy website, graphic designer, or even a logo. If you have a laptop, everything else is profit from Day 1, and I show you exactly how in Bright Life Biz.

Content writing is the simplest, fastest,
lowest-risk way to build another income stream


Years ago, I got up the courage to leap from corporate America. I finally had the title, the salary, the free snacks… but couldn't shake my dream of more fulfillment and the freedom to see the world, choose my schedule, and earn money as my own boss.

I began building a side hustle writing for businesses. What started as a passion grew to its own business. I hit my first $10K month, my first 6-figure year, then multi 6-figure year—more than doubling my 9 to 5 salary.

I was finally free to work from anywhere. Coworking offices in Italy where I learned to make pasta in the evenings, cafes in Paris, the comfort of home. I no longer felt tied to calls or a boss—I could design my day and projects exactly as I wished.

Women began asking me if they could do it too—earn money writing for industries they were passionate about or had experience in. I began sharing what I had learned. Since then, I’ve mentored women who have…

💰 Booked a $3,000 project with these templates
🙌 Received $560 from her first paying client
🎉 Celebrated her first $5,000 milestone
💕 Wrote for major online websites and magazines
📈 And even left their jobs to grow their biz full-time

Hi, I'm Jessica Johnson!

I believe any woman willing to work hard and take a chance on her dreams should have this feeling.

I put everything I learned from scaling my business to multiple 6-figures into a step-by-step program where you learn exactly: 1) how to write, 2) get clients, 3) build a 6-figure writing biz.

No matter how much (or little) experience you're starting with.
Whether or not you EVER want to post on social media. (Hint: you don't have to!)


take a look inside!

An 8-week program that will guide you step-by-step in building a content-writing business—how to write, where to get clients, and how to scale to 6-figures.

When you register, you get:
  • 8 weeks of online modules teaching you step-by-step both how to write for businesses AND book clients
  • Bite-size videos, templates, and tutorials that you can take at your pace with LIFETIME ACCESS
  • Content Template Library and Portfolio Templates so you can save time and use for your business
  • Bi-monthly live calls with me to get all of your questions answered LIVE and personalized to YOU

You learn, step by step, everything you need to know to 1) write like a pro, 2) book clients, 3) build a 6-figure business! 

So what is Bright Life Biz?

Creating a business that can travel with her and family

From imposter syndrome to clients in only a few weeks

Others courses teach either how to write OR how to get clients. This program combines both to give you the biggest bang for your buck AND ensure you have everything you need to succeed without having to buy another course.

I scaled my business to multiple 6-figures in its first year (ONLY writing for clients before I ever had a course). Before that, I spent a decade in corporate America hiring writers for global brands. So I can share BOTH sides—what businesses are looking for AND what it takes to actually get hired and scale to 6-figures per year.

Your time is limited—why not earn as MUCH as possible for every hour you work? You can stand out right away and book clients more easily (at higher rates) if you also learn content strategies like SEO, AI, the buyer's journey, and marketing funnels, all of which are included in this program.
Week by week, you learn not only how to write but ALSO how to get clients. Get step-by-step processes and templates so you don't have to overthink what to say or wonder what works. Students regularly get their first leads, discovery calls, and clients only weeks into the program because you learn new ways each week.

I created this program because I love teaching. More money in the hands of women means more GOOD in the world. I know what it's like to dread a job, to feel overworked and exhausted, and to want to see the world instead of Zoom. It's why I still personally mentor students in the program on live calls, so they aren't handed off to someone else or left to figure things out alone. I put EVERYTHING you need to know into this program so you don't need any other — and can create the freedom, flexibility, and finances to live your brightest life.

There are lots of online courses...
What makes Bright Life Biz different?

Stephanie added the business side to her writing background

Kristen began earning $100/hour while in the course

Women join nervous they can really learn to write and get clients... then begin getting their first leads and clients in only weeks!

let's do this!


Bright Life Biz takes you step-by-step through the process of how to write, set up your business, and book paying clients. You will learn how to earn premium rates AND even scale to a 6-figure business if you desire!

By the end of the program, come away with a professional portfolio that sets you apart, books clients, and commands premium rates.

polished portfolio

Get time-saving templates for proposals, pitches, emails, follow-ups, portfolios,
blog posts, emails, social media, sales pages, webpages, client testimonials, and more.

copy/paste templates

Each week, practice another step-by-step strategy to book clients. Students often get their first leads and clients only weeks in, so you can start earning back your investment right away.

where to get clients

Learn how to manage projects, invoice clients, decide rates, and track time. Set up your business correctly from the start (with no additional expenses required).

business setup

the business side

Most programs do not teach this, but by learning content strategies like SEO in this program, you will be able to book more clients and earn higher rates from the start (even if you're brand new). 

content strategy

Open more opportunities and scale faster by knowing how to confidently write about any topic or client. You'll always know what to write, how to source, and even how to strategically use AI.

research process

Learn what to look for to make your writing polished. Get systems and cheatsheets to make editing easy vs. overwhelming.

editing process

Master how to write for businesses, from blog posts to social media to websites.
Know exactly how to improve with custom feedback and time-saving templates.

writing process

the writing side

most courses teach one side or the other,
but THIS PROGRAM teaches both

Bright Life Biz Outline




Take things at your own pace. You have LIFETIME access to the content, so get access at today's price, then chip away as you wish.

Join optional bi-monthly calls to get your questions answered live. I'll be the one chatting with you so you're never left on your own.

Step-by-step, bite-size, self-paced videos teach you how to write, build a portfolio, and a new way to book clients each week.

custom support

lifetime access

online modules

THE format of the 8-week program IS:

On our live calls, receive feedback on ANY of your writing or portfolio so you feel confident and clear.



no matter where you're at now, by the end of the program, you'll feel confident in how to write, get clients, and build a thriving side hustle or business!

... even if you don't have experience.
Whether you're a brand-new writer or a writer wanting to to book full faster, this program will teach you EVERYTHING you need, step by step, with custom feedback from me. No more piecing it together online!

... even if you don't use social media.
One of the best things about content writing vs. other businesses is that you don't have to post online to get clients. I grew my business to 6-figures without a single client from Instagram or LinkedIn (and I'll show you how!).

... even if it's a busy season.
That's exactly why you're here—so you can create FREEDOM in your schedule and location! You have access to the program forever so you can take it at your pace. Nothing changes if nothing changes, but your life can look completely different in 90 days from getting started today.

Bright Life Biz gives you everything you need to learn to write + book clients


When you learn how to earn $100/HR, you can cover the program cost in literally 2 DAYS of work.

Another student received 2 raises from the feedback in the program

This woman went from teacher to copywriter in 8 weeks

And this woman created an entire event website during the course!

This busy mama loved the bite-size modules even with 2 kids

I remember how scary it was to invest in my first program. It was more than I had ever spent on anything for myself and I had butterflies up until the moment I signed up.

But you know what? That program changed my life. It showed me a way to get where I wanted to go YEARS ahead of what I could've pieced together on my own.

I knew I was taking a risk, but to me the risk of regret was scarier.

I knew it wasn't an expense, but an INVESTMENT in a new future.

Had I stayed waiting, I know I'd still be sitting years later, doing work that drained me, trying to get up the nerve to change. To this day, I am thankful I went for it THEN. Even when I was scared. Even when I was busy. Even when it felt expensive.

It was less expensive than waiting. Less expensive than giving years of my life to work that I didn't love. Less expensive than trial and error. Less expensive than wondering what if. 

I worked hard. I found ways to make it work. I prioritized my hopes over my fears. I got resourceful. And even though it felt far off then, only a few years later, I live it.

And THIS is what I want for you! Bright Life Biz is not just a writing course—it's a program that will change your life. It's a proven model to start an actual business and even replace a 9 to 5 income, working on projects you love as your own boss.

The first step never gets less scary, but by this time next year, you'll be thankful you took it today and have freedom, flexibility, passion, and limitless earning potential as a result. 💛

On a personal note...

Sarah used her background in nutrition to pivot to writing

Leanne grew her online business and raised her rates

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm new to writing?

What if I'm new to writing?

No problem! You will learn EVERYTHING you need in the program, whether you're brand new or have some skills you want to improve. (Sometimes writers take the course to add the marketing + biz side.) I've trained writers for years so I can show you how to go from new to confident quickly.



Well... isn't that actually WHY you're here? To create something that gives you FLEXIBILITY in your schedule and location—work you can do anywhere? Because...

The truth is, there will NEVER be a better time than now. You will never feel ready. Things will only get busier if you don't make a change. Your life will either look just like it does now one year from now, or it can look completely different in 90 days from taking action.

Will this course take some time to get through? Yes. But is it WAY less time than you would spend in trial and error? YES. Can you follow the streamlined step-by-step process and begin seeing your first leads and clients only weeks from now? YES. 

Plus, you have access to the modules forever so you can take them at your own pace.



I get it—who has extra money laying around BEFORE investing in a program like this? But truthfully, investing one thousand dollars to learn from a mentor and get there faster is SO MUCH CHEAPER than figuring it out alone. I personally went tens of thousands into debt with my first business because I used trial and error instead of a step-by-step program like this, which could've helped me start making money WAY faster.

You know what got me out of debt? Online writing.

Making $50 to $100/hour, you can cover the cost of the program in only a few DAYS of work. LET ALONE what you can earn back in a YEAR or LIFETIME. This course costs less than 1% of what you can make per YEAR if you get started today. It's an investment you can use forever to make yourself money, freedom, and fulfillment.



Yes! I am so confident this program will change your life and career that if you get into the program and don't get results, simply send in all completed coursework within 90 days of your purchase date to get a full refund. Note: you must do the work to see it work (like anything in life!) so completing the course + coursework is required to receive a refund. I guarantee that if you follow the program, you will book a full, profitable business.

will be there be any other costs?


One of the best things about online writing is there are SO few start-up costs, especially compared to other businesses like vacation rentals (where you may have to buy or furnish a whole house).

You don't need a fancy website, a graphic designer, or even a logo. At the minimum, you need a computer. You can invest in a portfolio website if you wish, about $15/month. But you can also get by without that, and I show you exactly how in the program, if you prefer to do it as cheaply as possible, with a portfolio template that is completely free.



While everyone's experience will vary depending on how much effort they're able to put in, if you follow the steps, the program is designed to give you results before you're even done with the 8-week program. That's because you immediately learn in Weeks 1 and 2 how to set up your business and understand the world of content writing, then starting Week 3, you learn a different strategy each week to book clients. You get the step-by-step process of what to do AND what to say to take all the guesswork out. Students regularly start seeing their first leads come in only a few weeks in.

By the end of the 8-week program, you will have multiple channels through which leads and clients are coming to you. You also receive a 30-Day Client Acquisition Plan at the end, which ties together ALL of the strategies, giving you simple action steps to book full in just a few minutes per day.

The nice part about content writing is that you don't need 100 (or even 10) clients to build a full-time business. Even 4 clients with 10 hours of work per week is a 40-hour/week business. So if you put effort in the beginning to get your first clients, you can essentially stop marketing your services from that point on and have a fully-booked business. (And if you don't even want that many hours of work, you can book full even faster.)

You learn to write and build your portfolio week by week, so the program is unique in that you learn both the writing side AND the business/client side week by week, instead of having to buy a course for one side, then a course for the other.

Can I google this?


Google has a ton of info on how to write, but it's missing a few essential things:

This system teaches the most direct, easy-to-follow path, which took me over 15 years and over $50,000 to learn via trial and error. If you have spare time or money, then piecing together info from the internet is a fine way to go. But if you want a step-by-step system to get there faster (and save a LOT of $$$ in the process) this program is built for you.

I grew my business to multi 6-figures (through writing alone before ever having a course). I have 15 years of experience, a degree in journalism, and have successfully self-pitched publications like HuffPost. I worked my way up from a blog with 11 readers to partnerships with brands like Nike and Lexus. You can always scour the internet alone, but if you want to get there faster, and have answers immediately, and learn how to earn premium rates (when many writers are charging $20/hour) mentorship is worth the upfront investment.

There's a lot of wild stuff on the internet. It's hard to know what's true or not. I haven't seen everything I teach in a list online, and I believe that's because a lot of articles don't know what ACTUALLY works to learn to write efficiently, book clients, build a business, and master the mindset that can either get in your way OR support your success.

Sign up today if you're ready to change your life!

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How to accelerate your results and choose the right course for you


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